War Heritage Research Initiative

This website contains learning resources on Canada’s heritage related to the world wars. These resources contribute to our understanding of remembrance and commemoration in the 21st century by exploring a range of perspectives on how war impacted the lives of people, communities and the nation.

Our first initiative is a documentary project entitled, War Memories across Canada.

Twenty-seven stories, each 6 to 22 minutes in length, explore sites of memory in Canada that have a link to the world wars.  Each story signifies a different experience and impact that the world wars had on people, communities and the nation. Conversation kits that include discussion questions and activities for students and the public, along with web links and ideas for additional resources are available for each story.

A guiding theme in this work is the significance of visiting sites of memory as a way of learning and as an act of remembrance.  Whether we are in a location in Canada or overseas, we have the opportunity to stand where history occurred and imagine.  In this way, we engage in not only learning about Canada, but about ourselves and our communities.  We may also consider what we need to do to make the world a better place for all.


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